“Gimme Shelter” 4.07 of The 100 – I have a lot of feelings

Hey guys! I wanted to do something for the 100 fandom instead of just being like… perpetual reblogger, so I decided to give you all my opinions, which you want, of course. Right? No? Okay. Whatever. 
(Warning: not the biggest Octavia or Illian x Octavia, but I try to be open minded)

First. Octavia. 

And Illian, my child! He’s so great. He knows know what he did, he wants to fix it so badly. 

She’s pretty rude to him. This relationship feels so wrong to me. At least she didn’t let him die.


And now Bellamy! 

That chaos is insane, also what is black rain? It burns on contact is it like a poison? 

“Where’s Octavia?” “Everyone inside!” *pretend you didn’t hear, pretend you didn’t hear* Stellar deflection techniques Kane. 

Oh my gosh Harper! She’s so worried, but there so little she can do, she wants to help!

Oh no Bellamy you’re not– he’s going outside. Okay. 

(My notes here were literally “wtf Bellamy+Kane y’all risking your lives for a redshirt”)

Also damn Harper. I know you’re hurting from poison rain but… looking good!

Bellamy please stop worrying about your sister who still hates you.

Honestly, for a second there, I thought her was going to just run for it into the woods. 

Everyone looks good damn. Like y’all are dying but man. 


Switch to Illian and Octavia running away.

They run into a cave which just happens to have water? Nice. 

Also Octavia I’m not into your character but… you’re very fine. Illian you too it’s a little bit crazy. (the perks of being bi)

Are there no marks left on their body?

“Why don’t you make a fire? You’re good at that.” See, this is why I don’t like you Octavia. Everyone here is trying to survive and do good and you’re being petty. Makes sense through, she’s a teenager trying to look cool and older. 

JACKSON AND SCIENCE ISLAND (I think this is ™ metastation)

Listen guys I love Jackson he’s doing the desi’s proud. Also, I’m going to point out, like so may people, WHY CAN’T THEY JUST LIKE LIVE IN THE 5 LEVELS OF BECCA’S LAB? (The answer is probably: because plot)(I’m really bad at suspending disbelief)

Guys Clarke is in the lab and it’s making me happy.

That smile on Abby’s face? The smile on Clarke’s face? Precious. 

And the reunion AWWWWW “it’s really you” “I just needed to see my mom”

Clarke is trying so hard to save everyone.

Also Clarke is so worried for Raven it’s adorable.

And Abby “she’s almost as stubborn as you are” she loves her stubborn daughters. 

Abby you’re not fine. And get some sleep. 

Does anyone else see Mount Weather parallel in the bone marrow scene? And they have to expose someone? This is getting into some sketchy territory guys. (It’s so great I love it)

Also Becca was trying to cure cancer huh… awesome. 

Oh no… Emori’s gonna think…

Guys Clarke gets a real, honest to goodness shower. 

Meanwhile, in Arcadia…

All the medical people are gone guys. That was a serious tactical error.

Oh, is this what causes the piles of bodies scene in the trailer?

And awwww Harper, it’s okay baby!

Also who’s in medbay when it’s full?

Bellamy omg He’s like ‘if it can’t be fixed with duct tape you’re not trying hard enough’

Also Monty is cooped up with Jaha I kind of want to see that. 

“His son Peter was one of the 100. I’m going this.” DAD!BELLAMY GUYS!

Oh no… it’s the scene from the trailer…

(my notes here say “fuck, Bellamy”)

Kane is also in full Dad mode. 

He’s going to do it anyways huh… listen Bellamy I love you but please dial it down I want you alive and so does Clarke. 

Okay but let’s be real if Clarke was here she’d be right there with him. 

“No more lectures” You haven’t listened though, please don’t go!

Kane’s face when he’s watching Bellamy drive off. 

And to Emori and Clarke.

“I’d have though nothing terrified you” you’re daily reminder that everyone sees Clarke as a hella badass.

I love the combination of Emori and Clarke. Like, that staredown? Damn. 

That house is amazing guys. I want it. 

Memori is domestic and it’s giving me life. 

“You can cook?” “You can read?” Lol

Fuck, “A good ramsi is rare” Ramsey? I’m?

I love Clarke and Murphy actually. They’ve come really far and it’s great. 

Murphy is actually thinking, he’s being calm rational, not running away. #characterdevelopment

Clarke’s room though…

We’re using this for a Bellarke modern au gifset right? Like Clarke’s staying over at Bellamy’s house or whatever? Someone better.


She’s so calm and happy? And her hair is great?

And the music in that scene is so peaceful?

And she’s lying down?

Lol she’s so comfortable she takes a while to get up. 

Clarke why would you this is like a horror movie. 

The window’s broken…

Emori no…

(You can see exactly where she came up with that plan though.)

I was so confused, like was I supposed to know who Baylis was?

And switch to Bellamy

Bellamy is trying so hard guys.

And he drives into a ditch. 

Look Bellamy I know you hate yourself, but please understand it’s not your fault. Again. I’m repeating. IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. 

He’s getting the hard task of telling them that they have to die right after giving them hope. 

Oh my gosh Bob Morley’s acting is amazing. He’s so angry at himself and I can feel it, oh man

Go to Clarke 

She’s going to be such a good doctor after the series finale. 

(Also Emori is an amazing actress guys.)

I mean Clarke was also cast away, but she was loved, so she’s pretty right. 

(Also my notes pretty early on said “Use him for radiation testing” so I mean I’m smart. Validate me.)

And cut to Octavia. 

Illian is trying so hard guys. Also he has SHEEP.

Octavia is numb, so she cuts. She cuts so deep and doesn’t realize it…

You know what this reminds me of? Belle and Rumplestiltskin from Once Upon A Time, which as you may know, is a very toxic relationship. If you don’t watch Once Upon a Time, Rumplestiltskin is the Dark One, the Beast in the story. But in the storyline, he chooses power over her time and time again. But Belle sees the good in him, gives him so may tries, even when he does horrible things. There are lines directly from that like “what made you like this” and “there’s still good in you” and it’s a little unsettling. 

Illian is indebted to her, so he’s trying really hard. But if it continues like this and starts echoing Belle and Rumple even more, then I’m going to get very worried. 

Oh gosh when I saw Octavia walking into the rain, I flashed back to the scene of Bellamy just screaming and that “no. no” and I CRIED. 

Okay but this storyline feels so wrong. Octavia is hurting, she’s done so much wrong. So now Illian, the moc, must ‘fix her’. It feels like they didn’t quite understand the racist connotations here. 

Switch to Abby

She’s shaking nope ABBY YOU’RE NOT FINE DAMN IT and you say Clarke and Raven are stubborn…


It’s so cute. 

Abby… you’re still good. You’re always good. 

“Your humanity is your greatest strength” oh man. 

This entire conversation is kind of chilling and amazing. 

Harper… shhhh it’s okay, you tried everything you could. 

Bellamy is crying now. He’s in so much pain. He’s transferred his ideals of I need to protect my sister onto all the delinquents and he’s failed them. 

Again, Bob’s acting is phenomenal. You protected so many people who appreciate you okay? Love yourself. 

“Your mother would be proud of the mad you’ve become. I know I am.” “You floated my mother.” Oh, no Bellamy… yikes… (There was a hint of Octavia on that)

Flip to Octavia and Illian

Okay but shirtless Illian is 😘

You have to love him HE HAS SHEEP

I really don’t ship this it really feels like a storyline where he helps her find her humanity again or something. I hope the show can make me enjoy it, but the direction I see this going right now, I can’t see it. 

I need her to apologize to Bell, okay.

This music though! I love it!

And Bellamy again!

He’s back and more broken than ever.

But, he is moving on from Octavia guys! I love Bellamy’s overprotectiveness but honestly it’s been holding him back. I hope it gets better from here!

The way the radiation testing is filmed is so amazing, I can feel the tension in that room, man. 

Is this the song Gimme Shelter is from? 

Man but when I hear this the first time, I was like damn Emori, you’re smart. It’s kind of despicable but I kind of love it. 

tl:dr– Illian and Octavia feels kind of wrong and possibly toxic to me, Bob Morley’s acting is the bomb, Bellamy makes me cry but he’s moving in a good direction, Memori is amazing, Illian has SHEEP, and I’m smol and bi but oh man everyone is super pretty when they strip down. 

Yell at me about the 100 at bellarkefeels on tumblr!

Have thoughts? Please comment!


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