My hello, for the week of 4/24

Hey guys! My life is about to take a sharp left turn into stress-ville, but I’m still here and kicking for now, so let’s go!


  • So I went to the library a little while ago, and picked up The Fellowship of the Ring, which I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t read yet. I’ll try, but I can’t find the motivation to just start it. 
  • I’m still waiting to get my hands on Dragonflight and the next book in the Grisha Trilogy! Hopefully soon!
  • My biggest book thing this week is that I finished all four books in the Song of the Lioness Series by Tamara Pierce last week. I’ll move on to the next series in the Totall universe soon. I fell in love with Alanna and her friends, and the books are just amazing. A review of that series is definitely coming, though since it’s four books the format will have to be a lot different from the SHadow and Bone review. Might steal the format from Maxxesbooktopia for that one. 
  • I also write an essay for English on Kindred by Octavia Butler and I had some feeling so I’ll probably water something on that, just because that book is amazing, the best book I’ve ever had to read for English. 


  • I posted a review of Pink on Friday, and I still say please go watch it it’s amazing. 
  • I’m also super excited for the Wonder Woman movie coming up. 
  • Not much else in movies, which is a relief for my wallet. 


  • The 100 is coming back this week! I’m super excited, the preview looks amazing. 
  • Still watching Teen Wolf, to my surprise. I’m on Season 3a, episode 7. The motel episode was creepy as hell, why did no one warn me?
  • Also, did you hear that The Raven Cycle is getting a tv series I’m going to cry I’m so happy. 

Anyways, I hope you guys have a fun week! I hope I don’t get swallowed by work and will have enough time to read/watch everything.


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